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End of the tax credit, financial commentEnd of the tax credit, financial comment

The energy transition tax credit will no longer apply to changes to windows, shutters or front doors. The tax benefit will be replaced by a premium paid after completion of the work. The announced end of CITE A real boost for homeowners looking to renovate their homes, the energy transition tax credit (ISCED) reduces the […]

Real estate credit: rates do not stop falling in AprilReal estate credit: rates do not stop falling in April

Mortgage interest rates are once again down with 1.35% on average (without guarantees or insurance), regardless of the duration of the loans. Low rates not far from the record It’s a refrain that has been repeated since the beginning of the year to the delight of the French. Mortgage interest rates fell again in April […]

Often Denied? Here’s How To Increase Credit ScoreOften Denied? Here’s How To Increase Credit Score

The costs of daily necessities and other living costs are two things that need to be managed properly. If you are not able to manage finances well, you will certainly experience difficulties because money is crucial. When the money you have is already low, or when you need money for sudden needs, applying for JH […]

Terminating a Revolving Credit: Standard Consumer Credit LettersTerminating a Revolving Credit: Standard Consumer Credit Letters

The revolving credit or revolving credit is a form of consumer credit which consists of a banking organization to make available to the borrower a certain amount of money, freely usable. Subscribed for one year, this credit is renewed every year by tacit renewal. When can we terminate it? What type letter should I send? […]

Choose Which, Pay Cash Or Credit?Choose Which, Pay Cash Or Credit?

The development of increasingly modern life both in the fields of electronics, fashion, culinary, and entertainment, often demands changes in human lifestyles. Lifestyle becomes important because not a few people make lifestyle a standard of social status. Someone who uses the latest products and branded is considered cooler than people in general, so it is […]

Financing the renovation of his house up to 75,000 eurosFinancing the renovation of his house up to 75,000 euros

All homeowners know that there is a charge for maintaining their apartment or house. To avoid unexpected and often costly contingencies, it is important to anticipate the renovation of your home. But where to start ? And especially what is the cost of a renovation of an old house? Since 2011, the Lagarde law allows […]

Payday Loan on Fair and Flexible TermsPayday Loan on Fair and Flexible Terms

Fast payday loan without collateral is a specialty of Augosto Lupan. You can choose from three different loan options according to your needs. The interest-free quick coupon is a non-interest-bearing loan of EUR 50-300 for new customers with a payment period of 7-30 days. Flexible Credit, meanwhile, is always a $ 2,000 credit account, a […]

Outstanding French home loans in the top 3 in Europe – News – SolutisOutstanding French home loans in the top 3 in Europe – News – Solutis

On a European scale, France is on the podium of the countries where outstanding mortgage loans are the most important. The attractiveness of the rates is partly responsible for this dynamism. 6% more outstanding in 2017 The French are fans of real estate. This state does not change over the years. In fact, buying a […]

Mortgage buyback simulation – Home loanMortgage buyback simulation – Home loan

Generally, becoming a homeowner involves using a home loan. But its monthly repayment often weighs heavily in the household budget. So, when borrowing rates drop drastically, there is a strong temptation to use a credit buyback in order to take advantage of lower rates. But this operation involves taking precautions. This is why it is […]