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Financing the renovation of his house up to 75,000 euros

All homeowners know that there is a charge for maintaining their apartment or house. To avoid unexpected and often costly contingencies, it is important to anticipate the renovation of your home. But where to start ? And especially what is the cost of a renovation of an old house? Since 2011, the Lagarde law allows to finance its renovation works up to 75 000 euros by a credit works. Energy renovation, floors, walls, roof… Doing work in your home is often necessary, but requires a good preparation and a good estimate of renovation costs.

Finance the energy renovation of his home

Finance the energy renovation of his home

If the buyers are seduced by the charm of the old, they can disillusioned winter come. To deal with the energy losses of old houses, it is necessary to consider energy renovation works, etc.

Rethinking the insulation of his house

Rethinking the insulation of his house

A good insulation of one’s house generally allows to reduce by 30% his heating bill. Depending on the surface to be insulated or the quality of the construction of the house, it is important to target its needs to be able to anticipate the necessary work budget. Double glazing, insulation of the walls from the inside (with acoustic treatment), or the exterior (adding an insulating coat), everything is possible. Depending on the age of the house, the cost of the work may vary from € 100 / m2 to € 800 / m2.

Change the heating mode of his ancient house

Another way to save money on your energy bills is to change your heating system. Changing your energy-consuming electric radiators for a wood stove can be a good idea, but these jobs have a cost to take into account. Depending on the system chosen, the works can vary from 800 € to 8 000 €. Hence the importance of making a good estimate of the cost of renovating his old house and find the right solution to finance his work. The energy transition tax loan can cover part of the expenses, but a credit is needed to keep its budget.

Financing the renovation of soils and walls

Financing the renovation of soils and walls

The charm of the old reserve often surprises: floors in a disastrous state, walls on the verge of collapse… When it comes not to basic safety, it is also the tastes of the owners who are not in accord with the fashion of old.

Soil: all change?

The living room is tiled and the owner dreams of parquet? Before changing everything in your old house, it is important to estimate the cost of the work as accurately as possible. Should we remove the existing floor or can we just put a coating on top? If you choose linoleum or parquet, the budget will not be the same: it can go from 10 € / m2 to more than 200 € / m2 for a parquet floor. In any case, a good estimate of the work will be necessary to set the appropriate budget.

Walls: repair or isolate?

An old house sometimes hides unexpected surprises… The tapestries of the rooms can be surprising! And the wall carpet is not only followers, despite its virtues in terms of sound insulation… Before snatching everything, it is better to know precisely how much will cost the renovation of the walls. And do not leave the opportunity to insulate the walls from the inside. If it is only a matter of giving a paint stroke, the bill may be lower. The average price per square meter for painting work is 30 €. Repainting a room of 30m2 will cost around € 1,000. A loan works can take the step when changing the color of the show…

Finance the renovation of the roof

Finance the renovation of the roof

A leak in the roof and it’s a disaster! Renovating a roof is sometimes essential for the safety of the inhabitants of the house. Depending on the materials used, renovating the roof is also a way to enhance the value of your home, while reducing energy loss.

The roof: an incredible expense for energy savings

The roof of a house protects from the rain of course, but it is also a determining factor in the energy consumption of the house. This is therefore an element to be taken into account when estimating the work budget. Good insulation of the roof will result in considerable savings on future bills. It is therefore important to estimate the budget needed for renovation as closely as possible, bearing in mind the future benefits of renovation.

How to calculate the price of a renovation of the roof?

The price of renovating the roof depends on many factors:

  • the cost of materials;
  • the cost of the framework;
  • the cost of zinc plating.

Then come the price of the insulation of the attic or attic. The price will not be the same if the owner wishes to make openings: Velux, fireplace or roof terrace. Once the criteria are clearly defined, the owner can establish a price per square meter to fine tune his budget. The work loan, up to 75,000 euros for work, will allow him to adjust his monthly payments.

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